You southrons may not know what I’m talking about, but anybody who grew up in snow country will immediately recognize this experience.

It snows. The boughs and branches of the trees are heavy with the stuff. You put on all your outdoor gear, snowpants and parka and mittens and scarfs and mufflers and hats and all that whatnot. You go outside, to work or play or whatever your reason for being out in the snow is.

And eventually…

You are under a tree at just the wrong moment, when all the branches decide to dump their loads of snow at the same time. (Usually because you shouted or foolishly thumped the tree with your fist.) Dump it right down your neck in fact, no matter how many scarves and hats you are wearing.

It’s a bracing experience even when you’re fully geared up for snow. I can’t even begin to imagine what it feels like when you’re naked:

a naked snow shower for Alexandra B

I guess we’ll just have to ask Alexandra B from Met-Art. I wonder if she works their new cams?

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