Don’t pay any mind to the dude in the background. Look at our lovers. He’s caressing her face, they’re gazing deep into each other’s eyes, she’s a little breathless, her mouth open anticipating a kiss…

two lovers share a tender moment

It could be straight off the cover of your average semi-pornographic bodice-ripper romance. A proposal of marriage within twenty pages, a duel by the end of the chapter, eventually a wedding after necessary complications, happily ever after in due course.

Except, I cheated. I cropped creatively, and rotated the frame a little bit. Because what’s actually going on here is, she’s strapped down to a bondage table with her legs apart and he (it would seem) is taking ruthless advantage of her helpless situation:

tender moment during bondage sex

Not that she minds. Indeed, I’d say they’re pretty into each other.

Her girlfriend / partner in crime is getting the same treatment in the background (on the floor!) from his buddy. The story is, the girls are druggies who got caught by a pair of rogue cops. Supposedly it’s all very exploitative and the ladies are being kidnapped and turned into “whores” for the bad evil corrupt cops, but everybody seems to having too much fun to remember the nominal humiliation/degradation agenda.

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