I’ve seen some sophisticated and persuasive socio-psychological arguments for why feminism benefits men as well as women, but I was entertained by Figleaf’s far more pragmatic formulation, which I am ripping mercilessly from its somewhat ranty context:

I had more sex, more often back when I was an always-hungry, homeless, long-haired, unemployable, usually-needing-a-shower high-school dropout — with a Gomer Pyle hillbilly accent no less — that at any other time in my life. Back then every woman was “high-status” compared to me, but… none of them seemed to mind. Including a statewide “Junior Miss” pageant winner, a diplomat’s daughter, girls from lower, middle, and upper-class families.

You know what they almost all had in common though? (Besides bad taste in men I mean?) They all had the idea that they’d be able to live independently some day and so they generally weren’t as fretful about picking the “wrong” guy who might not turn out to be on the “right” track to support them.

Oh yeah, and since they had ambitions of independence and partnering with the men of their choice instead of the wallets of their choice, they weren’t worried so much about their “reputations” and so they tended to be a lot wilder in bed. More experimental. More up for new stuff. More willing to say what they liked, and more willing to try it again if they did.