Computer gaming? It can expand your horizons in all sorts of ways:

Seraphim Risen > /emote nods. “I’m sure that’s all it was… What if I called you for a booty call?”
Shalee Lianne /emote quirks a thin delicate brow as she looks to her, grinning. “Uh….you’re a girl.”
Seraphim Risen And?
Shalee Lianne …I’m a girl.
Seraphim Risen > AND?
Shalee Lianne One of us seems to be missing a part to make a booty call work. Just saying.
Seraphim Risen /emote shrugs. “That’s what you think.”
Ashar KorAzor (In this chat, Shalee learns about homosexuality.)
Ashar KorAzor > (Full story at eleven.)
Shalee Lianne But…I mean…do you….are you….
Seraphim Risen Am I what?
Seraphim Risen /emote grins
Shalee Lianne /emote couldn’t quite seem to find the words she was looking for.