In case you missed it, UC Davis Police officer Lieutenant John Pike has become a runaway internet meme: the “Casually Pepper Spray Everything” cop. The meme-images number in the many hundreds. Here he is, courtesy of the Pepper Spraying Cop tumbler, spraying a violent, dangerous, rebellious cherub:

violent cherub surrounding Lt. John Pike

Mom, can you really just stop having me drink sea water out of those gross shells? You know that those things are full of sand and little crabs and stuff, right? You HAVE dranken out of them before? Yes, I said “dranken”. Do something about it. What, you gonna correct me? You’re the one having an unabashed tide pool orgy… AAUUAUAGGHAGHAGAHHHHHHHHHHHH”

(The source image for that photoshop is William Bouguereau’s The Birth Of Venus.)

If you want a sense of how badly Officer Pike fucked himself and his career with those moments of casual spraying, contemplate this: the major media are already churning out “I feel sorry for him” pieces like this one: Why I Feel Bad for the Pepper-Spraying Policeman, Lt. John Pike. Me, I’ll save my sympathy until he shows up on TV in tears and begs for forgiveness … which I expect will happen right about the time aliens appear in the skies of Earth to demand a disco revival.

Meanwhile, back to the LOLs!

pepper spray is a vegetable