It is a privilege and a pleasure to be able to announce here the complete publication of Study Abroad, the second erotic graphic novel in my Tales of Gnosis College series.

Study Abroad

Prior to traveleing overseas for cultural enrichment and a bit of education, four comely coeds at Gnosis College make a wager among themselves as to which among themselves as to which of them will manage to have the most outrageous adventure. Unknown to them, one of Gnosis’s many mad scientists has found a way to manipulate their minds for his own sinister purposes. Resulting adventures abroad will turn out to be at once more pleasurable — and more dangerous — than any of our heroines might have anticipated. Talk about higher education!

Orientalist Bridget O’Brian will travel to a tiny, wealthy emirate and accept a strange proposal in order to get a very intimate view of the lives of its jaded inhabitants. Biologist Cleo Mount will find at once steamy encounters and that which she most fears in the rainforests of southeast Asia. Politically-engaged Jill Keeney will put her body on the line in a conspiracy against a tyrant. And philosopher Iris Brockman will take a job in the world’s priciest and most decadent mermaid bar, where her provison of unorthodox services will allow her to slake her lust…for knowledge! Which story is most bizzare? I report, you decide.

The comic is available on the web, and also in downloadable single-file publication editions. You can click on the links to download directly: Comic Book Archive (.cbz), Portable Document Format (.pdf), or Mobile Device (.mobi) formats. If you would prefer torrents, all of the formats are also available through that means: CBZ, PDF, and MOBI. The publication editions, in addition to providing all 163 pages including color covers and pin-ups, also contain seventeen pieces of bonus art by Tales illustrator Lon Ryden and artists Hitori et al., Dark Vanessa, and Lucy Fidelis. And all of it is available under a Share-Alike, Attribution-Required, No-Derivative works Creative Commons license, so you are free to share all you like.

And thus it’s all available for you for free. Why free? Well, I guess I have my reasons. Hope you enjoy!

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