I wasn’t surprised to see James Deen get profiled in The Observer, but I was a little surprised to hear that he’s turning into a bit of a heart-throb / feminine lust object, a “sensitive boy with closed-door swagger — the flip side of a good girl with a dirty mind”:

At 5′ 8″ and 26-years-old, Mr. Deen is slight of build, fresh of face, and looks like that cute boy from your high school Spanish class. A little bro-y, maybe. Sophomoric, definitely. But he has a surprisingly witty Gmail handle and a sly sense of humor. He could be your boyfriend, if your boyfriend knew his way around a ball gag and just when to pull your hair.

Obviously I don’t look at him “that way”, but I’ve definitely noticed that he’s more than just another over-muscled hunk on a porn set. Here he’s demonstrating just when and how to pinch a lady’s nipples:

James Deen pinching Asphyxia Noir\'s nipples

I liked this quote about rough sex:

“I’ve been into rough sex pretty much my whole sexual life and so I’m not, like, bad at it,” Mr. Deen told me by phone last month, on his 26th birthday. “I don’t know how to say it without being a hideous prick, but I’m pretty good at having rough sex. It got to the point where a lot of girls who aren’t into that type of sex were afraid to work with me because they thought I was going to slap them in the face or something. But I only do that if the girl is into it. There’s no reason to choke somebody if they don’t like getting choked. Then you’re basically being an asshole.”

Image is from here.