One of the many many ways this blog is behind the times (as if being a “blog” weren’t bad enough in 2012) is that I post too little video. Mostly this is because I watch so little video. My attention span is too short to sit there for fifty seconds or seven minutes waiting for something to get to the point; if I can’t easily skim/skip ahead, I’m likely to say “fuckit” and move on.

All that is to explain why I almost never follow Youtube links. Most people don’t offer enough context with their links, and it takes a metric ton of promise (or reputation capital, which can substitute) before I’ll click and view. Annie Sprinkle worked both of those angles when she tweeted about this video “The most awesome, beautiful, artistic spiritual pole dancing EVER. I sure wish I could pole dance like this. Sexy too!” Indeed:

Remind me again why pole dancing isn’t an Olympic event?

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