Dr. Faustus is our resident expert on erotic mad science, of course, but I am still capable of recognizing it when I see it. And I’m seeing it now as I page through the panels of The Clinic, by Erenisch (from Dofantasy). That is, it’s erotic mad science if by “erotic” you mean “she’ll do anything she’s told” and by “science” you mean “technologies for destroying female volition”. (If you think the world isn’t full of men who would turn into generous patrons of science if that’s what science actually meant, you haven’t looked under enough rocks lately.) Also, and this was the dead giveaway, all the best mad science has the fellow chortling as he works:

strapped to a table as a gloating scientiest attempts to convert her into a helpless sex slave

Believe it our not, our villain is working on Zombie Sex Slave Technology #2 in the panel above; he’s already perfected ZSST #1 in the form of an “on button” that works … well, let’s watch, shall we?

don\'t press her on button! Uh oh...

Once that button is on, her brain is not quite hers any more:

dreams of cock under the compulsion of her on button

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