Am skeptical that this would actually work on a dude with powerful hangups, but this (from a dead tumblr) would be worth a try. Work or not, the last line, at least, is Truth:

Girls, if you are having trouble getting your man to pleasure you with his face, casually ask him one day what his favorite sucker flavor is. Wait a few days. Then, outta nowhere, start sucking on them, again for a few days, but not during sex. Just randomly tell him that he was right, and they taste really, really good. Casually ask him at one point if he wants one. He eats it, and you remind him of how good it is and how right he was. Then get down on your knees, and blow him slop-style. Wait a few more days. Finally, be waiting for him when he comes home from wherever, and do this with that flavored sucker. Fully bald, clean asshole. The shoes, the whole nine-yards. If he doesn’t do it then, never will. Get a new one.

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