One of the nice things about having a membership at a porn site like Sex And Submission is that they always take lots and lots of photos when they do a shoot. Maybe 16 go in the free gallery and are thereafter seen over and over again as they echo forever through the infinitely expanding mirrored chambers of Tumblr, but most of the rest (often 150 or more) are going to be fresh to you when you see them. And some of them (even if only by purest accident) are going to break with tired porn formulas and satisfy somebody’s unanticipated micro-fetish. Fully-dressed-man fetish, anybody?

For example, if you looked at the public-facing promotional material for last week’s shoot at Sex And Submission, you’d get the impression of a fairly standard (although quite well-made) bondage fucking-and-sucking extravaganza. You’d get no hint whatsoever that there was a moment (after her wrists are tied but while his pecker is still inside his pants) like this:

Casey Calvert about to give a bondage blowjob

Casey Calvert on her knees and about to suck some dick with her wrists tied

What tickles my fancy about these two photos is that there’s no failure to communicate about the impending bondage blowjob, and yet it’s done in a relatively soft-core way. Sometimes you don’t need to paint the whole picture with primary-color crayons.

For the curious, the woman on her knees in these photos is Casey Calvert.

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