Paddy, writing as a guest at Abbi Rode, generously shares his experiences with comparative pubic hair removal methods:

For me the reason to remove hair from the bad boy region is to enhance the sensitivity, hair blocks that. If the partner in crime is also hairless things just get more fun. It has taken trial and error to get to this point of my hair removal that I am happy with so lets take a look at whats best.

First off I never tried Nair hair remover, you would have to be mental to slather that shit all over your bollix. So I stared with just shaving, you have to go against the grain if you want it smooth and that is just prone to cuts and ingrown hairs which is not nice especially on the shaft! Okay you look smooth and clean but soon after red marks and within a week the hair begins to grow back and the itching starts. The itching is relentless and distracting and just about put me off doing it ever again.

Finally I tried waxing, yep the full wax, balls, shaft, above shaft and asshole. To be honest I was not shy about having it done but I had seen the youtube clips of guys getting it done and the endless screams of pain. I was worried about the pain that’s for sure. So my first visit was with a girl waxing me. Will I get an erection? (Which is suppose to help with a waxing, so I have read on-line). No erection, the fear cured that. So I popped up on the table, it felt very normal and the lady explained she was using wax followed by removal with strips. As the first strip lifted above my penis I realised this was painful but nothing I could not handle and far easier than trying to shave in 40 positions. As the waxing continued I was completely fine with it. My mind even wandered. Its worth noting that you do have a bit of work to do by holding your meat stretched in different positions so all the angles can be covered with the wax. After waxing it felt amazing, the first time is so, so good. You just want to test drive it as much as possible…

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