I’m a pretty square dude. Somehow my intoxicating vices got stuck on alcohol pretty early in my life (I blame my adult role models) and I never got interested in pot. The fact that from childhood I’ve had a visceral disgust for tobacco smoking no doubt played a role too. Although I’m told it’s perfectly possible to enjoy marijuana these days without the least whiff of smoke, that was not true (or at least, it was not practical) in the youthful days when my preferences were being fixed.

So, weed and sex? That’s another country for me. I hear good things, but rarely in so much detail as in this blog post by Kate Sloan, aka Girly Juice: 7 Ways Weed Boosts My Libido. Her first way is arousal:

Arousal. Oftentimes, when I go several days without masturbating, it’s because it just feels like too much work. My sex drive is more responsive than spontaneous, so if I want to jerk off, I have to spend some time warming myself up and getting turned on: watching porn, reading erotica, and/or gently touching myself in places that aren’t my genitals until that area is ready to be touched. That process is lovely when I’m in the mood for it, but sometimes it just feels like an extra barrier to entry that isn’t worth the hassle. So I skip masturbation entirely.

Weed, amazingly, helps me circumvent the arousal process. If I smoke up, I’ll reliably get turned on within about 10 minutes, without having to actually do anything to make that happen. My genitals start to feel all warm and engorged like they do when I’ve been engaging in foreplay for several minutes — except I haven’t. It’s brilliant.

I remember one time, I smoked some weed at my then-boyfriend’s house just before leaving to head back home. On the walk home, I felt my own wetness start to drip down my leg. That’s a level of lubrication I usually only reach after, say, an hour of teasing and edging and fucking with someone I find colossally attractive. And weed made it happen without any effort or work at all. Strange and lovely!

Her other six ways: sensitivity, tactility, visualizations, disinhibition, joy, and ecstatic pain. There’s a lot there. Enjoy!

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