sex witch caught and gangbanged

In these fallen times we don’t see a lot of scifi porn, but the latest post-apocalyptic porn shoot from Hardcore Gangbang features a strong woman and that eternal question: who hunts, and who is hunted?

In this epic dystopian future scenario, blonde bombshell Cherie Deville is a lust-filled sex witch. A warrior fighting for her right to sexual pleasure, she’s just a few steps ahead of the militant hordes sent to destroy her. Surrounded, cut off, and isolated in the desert, Cherie decides to fortify her bunker and seeks strength from the spirits of the witches that came before her, so she might fight off–or better yet, SEDUCE–the savages pursuing her! When the five hunters finally reach her, they expect to take her down and proclaim their judgment. But Cherie’s sexual will is far too powerful…

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