I think I’ve known one woman who liked to play somewhat like Miss Pearl does, but it was a lot of decades ago and we were all very young so it got expressed in a much more primitive fashion as a sort of teasing of the D&D nerds, not in a cruel way but in a “why can’t my sexuality actually be a part of the plot development?” sort of context:

Being a slut, in that awkward kind of way where I don’t actually get fucked all that much, but I play with desire, is hard. The attention turns me on. The sweetness turns me on too- I like watching them worry if their voice is goofy or react to me discovering something special to them.

I like making them feel good, with sincere compliments. I might have a predatory streak (worship me! worship me!) that goes straight to the core of my dominance, but I actually like LARP boys. These are my people. Fun.

But there isn’t really a space to say that you get turned on by the attention. It doesn’t make me feel like a piece of meat when a LARP boy carefully unpacks himself in front of you. It’s a strip tease.

And I won’t pretend it is not a delight to tease right back.

This woman I knew? She, too, would have played with LARP boys, if she could have got them, back then. Heck, maybe she plays with them now, or maybe — for all I know — she watches smugly as her daughters play with them.

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