I watch the new sex toy releases so you don’t have to, and when items of delight appear, I try to let you know. Today’s rainbow explosion is a pair of pony-type tails for people, anchored in the most intimate and effective way with a glass butt plug, and available in two styles: regular rainbow or pastel unicorn colors. Either one will let people know that you’re no ordinary pony!

rainbow unicorn horse pony tail butt plugs glass and synthetic horsehair

From the website:

The combination of silky synthetic animal hair and sturdy glass sculpture makes this ponytail butt plug from Crystal Delights a must-have toy for fun-loving ponyboys or ponygirls and their trainers. Available in rainbow or pastel unicorn colors, this high-quality, handcrafted adult toy will surely get your little pony whinnying with pleasure.

Uniquely tapered, the individually-made anal plug has a wide rounded bulb and a narrow neck attached to a thick, heavy base. The dense, shatter-resistant, nonporous body-safe borosilicate glass is easy to clean. Tail is detachable and made of high quality synthetic wig hair; if necessary, you can spot-clean the hair with a damp rag, then hang up to let dry.

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