There’s an old ironic joke that goes “I haven’t had sex in so long, I forget who gets tied up.” This most recent scene from Sex And Submission reminded me of that joke, because even though Raven Hart is the one with the tied wrists and Tommy Pistol is theoretically the dominant who ties her up and fucks her, you can’t hardly tell from these photos, in which she basically rides him down and devours him:

Raven Hart riding Tommy Pistol

Raven smothering tommy with her breasts

hot sex with raven heart and tommy pistol

It’s a pretty amazing scene, and I’m pleased to see that even though Kink is no longer shooting at the Armory in San Francisco, they are still shooting fresh stuff that isn’t afraid to bend their own rules and formulas a little when the performer chemistry wobbles away from the standard script. In case you haven’t been tracking how the Kink porn products work these days, all of their channels (their former sites like Sex And Submission) are now part of their one-monthly-price Kink Unlimited product, which also includes an enormous number of promotional shoots and channels from other kinky porn companies with whom they have cross-marketing deals. The result is that you get a ridiculous amount when you join; they are calling it “over fifty channels”, and though it’s tough to get a precise count, that seems about right.

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