There’s a lot I don’t know about Annie Sprinkle, and you may not either. For instance, did you know that she used to publish a watersports/pissing ‘zine called The Sprinkle Report? I found this announcement for it in the August 1981 issue of Adult Cinema Review:

the sprinkle report watersports magazine by Annie Sprinkle

The rather precious blurb reads:

Urinationalists, welcome to the main stream! With the publication of Annie Sprinkle’s first Tinkle Report, your beloved hobby finally has a quality scholarly journal. Annie’s new newsletter, printed beautifully on beautiful paper, should be to the Golden Shower set what fire hydrants are to Golden Retrievers — an absolute must. Kinky pix, potty poetry, and art that’s strictly #1 make this a fund to read publication…

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