One of the many treasures in the Internet Archive is an 1878 Parisian edition of a 1668 medical text on — apparently — enema gear such as the clyster and its appropriate uses: L’instrument de Molière; traduction du traité De clysteribus de Regnier de Graaf. I say “treasure” because this book is whimsically illustrated with enthusiastic and determined enema putti drawn by one Gédéon Guerre. When these grim little men come for you, there’s no use hiding. You may as well prepare your anus!

Enema cherub grimly carries his clyster enema syringe toward battle.  Prepare your anus!

clyster at the charge: enema putto cherub advances grimly with his enema syringe lowered like a lance

Enema putto riding a klyster enema syringe like a horse toward battle

enema putti pumping a vintage enema machine to administer a high colonic

smiling cherub pumps his own enema machine

desperate cherub dashes for the chamberpot after getting an enema

post enema putti sitting on chamber pots

Postscript: Are you perhaps looking at these cute little flappy-winged fatsos and wondering at my choice of the word “putti” because to you, they look like cherubs? This Wikipedia entry may help. Before the chubby little winged putto figure became conflated with the sacred Biblical cherubim, the use of putti in art is said to have been limited to symbolic representations of profane passions. And what passion could possibly be more profane than the one illustrated here?

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