You’ve heard the phrase “busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest”? Well, pity the man with four ladies who all want to be briskly fucked at the same time, because he, too, is going to be a busy man! This .gif of a fellow busily trying to service four women is from the 1973 movie I Jomfruens Tegn (released in 1975 in the USA under the title Danish Pastries):

man fucking four women from behind in 1973 porn movie Danish Pastries

Plot synopsis from IMDB:

The impending approach of Venus – known to cause “disturbing erotic behavior” – sends two men with very different missions to the town of Petit-Bois. One to save the schoolgirls from lust, the other to test a new aphrodisiac. Chaos ensues.

It’s looking to me as if the aphrodisiac works!

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