spiked dominatrix whipping his ass

There are lots of men out there who long ago figured out at least a few of the joys of dominant women, and the possibilities when it comes to having fun with them. That’s a big part of what keeps bdsm dating sites in business. Matching up dominant women with the men who love to play with them is a project where lots of people need at least a little bit of help, especially in smaller towns and rural areas around the world. But sometimes, a man never even discovers the dominant mettle of the woman he’s already sleeping with, until he actually feels her spurs raking the tender flesh of his ass-cheeks. Pro tip: if she’s literally wearing spurs on your date, and you didn’t actually do an activity that involved riding horses, it’s time to prepare your anus! Or, at least, prepare your butt cheeks, because this could happen to you:

cowgirl spurring the ass of her man

Even in a long-term committed relationship, a man who fucks up profoundly enough, for long enough, may find himself discovering a whole new hitherto-unsuspected dominant side of his wife’s personality. Gentlemen, do not try this at home; it’s very unlikely to go like this, and far more likely that she kicks you out and gets a restraining order. This novel sobriety program is deeply unlikely to be the one that you experience, but if she is committed enough, I can see it working! Especially if you find yourself restrained in the basement, and/or with various bits of expensive stainless steel locked about precious tender bits of your anatomy. I wonder how likely a drunk would be to fall off the wagon, if his wedding tackle was literally hostage to his good behavior? Probably nothing makes a hangover more vile than waking up with your testicles in a vice:

angry dominatrix wife prepares to punish her drunken husband

Some married men, though, are long resigned to the sad truth that, drunk or sober, their wife will never meet them at the door in black leather and heels. No riding crop, no whip, no handcuffs: it’s just not going to happen. A surprising fraction of such men react to this unhappy state of affairs in a manner that’s at once philosophical and practical: when the wife is in Toledo visiting her ailing auntie, it’s simple enough to get a blonde dominatrix callgirl sent around to the house. The wife doesn’t travel often enough for anything as complicated as formally screwing around with somebody on an ongoing basis, you understand, but where’s the harm in a single expensive but oh-so-memorable afternoon?

outcall dominatrix beats bondage husband

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