sex chair with clitoris ring and nipple brushes

Any chair can be a sex chair, I suppose. All you have to do is, well, the obvious thing, on a chair. But the notion of a sex chair is so much more wondrously flexible that that. Just go look at sex chair reviews, and you’ll instantly see that they can be comfy places to fuck, they can be secure places to stick the suction cup on your dildo, they can be specialized furniture that allows sexual access at unusual angles, and they can be complicated contraptions with vibrators and motorized accessories and custom bondage attachments. Or any combination of the above!

dildo on a chair for female masturbation

I think we would all agree that if you’re about to be triple-teamed by three anime sex goddesses, you’re gonna need some good solid furniture. Yesterday this might have been a gamer’s chair, but it’s a sex chair now:

ravished by three women on his comfy sex chair

Orgasms are funny things. Most people want them, and will go to great lengths in pursuit of them. But too much of a good thing? That’s also a thing. Just ask this lady who has found herself in a bondage sex chair contraption that’s been programmed not to stop giving them to her! This, she quickly realizes, has become a vitally urgent problem with no obvious solution whatsoever:

in tears from too many sex chair orgasms

Our next contestant put her sex chair together after ordering it online. It was only after the pneumatic wrist restraints hissed shut that she realized that in her excitement to try it out, she’d forgotten to read the part of the manual about turning off the machine. Something about a voice control password setup process? Uh oh…

orgasm machine sex chair with no shutoff

Everybody’s sex chair needs differ. This dominatrix, for example, simply finds dildo-sitting to be soothing when she’s interviewing prospective slaves. There are so many, and most of them are wildly dull:

dildo sitting dominatrix

Our final contestant thought that the double-penetrating automatic-orgasm bondage dildo chair sounded like a fun ride. “I’ve got the controlling joystick in my hands, so what could possibly go wrong?” The joystick, she discovered in her slowly-building dismay, offered considerable control over penetration depths, thrust direction, and vibration patterns, but none of the settings ever quite return to zero. And an actual off switch? Nowhere to be found. Such a surprising design oversight!

joystick orgasm chair

Image credits, top to bottom: The catgirl in the bondage orgasm chair is by Asamaru. The lady with a dildo stuck to a school desk chair is by Nekonote. The three sex goddesses swarming the dude on his gaming chair are a capture from a Black Bible Only OAV adult anime episode. The desperate-looking woman trapped in the continuous pussy-stim chair is by Failanex. The overstimulated adventuress in the mail-order orgasm chair is by Ha Ku Ronofu Jin. The dildo-chair-sitting dominatrix is by Q Azieru. And the raven-haired beauty in the double-dicking joystick chair is by Takuteks.


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