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Porn producer Paul Morris is best known for building a substantial business at Treasure Island Media on the strength of his controversial conviction that honest representations of male sexual behavior (in the form of barebacking videos in an HIV age) preserve the integrity of pornography. You will not be surprised to learn that he has other controversial ideas as well. In fact, he’s got a notion that you don’t need to do the annoying and difficult work of actually reading French philosophers like Michel Foucault. He’s got a better way of absorbing their ideas:

Many years ago, in the heyday of San Francisco’s gay emergence, I met Foucault at a sleazy bathhouse on Folsom called the Handball Express. I didn’t know who it was until after I’d fisted him (in those days I was a very active fisting top). I’ve always believed that information is transmitted through the physical communion of sex. Rather than studying with him, I absorbed Foucault through my left hand and arm. The information transmitted through sex is as much a part of our nature as the DNA that we receive from our genetic lineages.

Source: Risk and Utopia: A Dialogue on Pornography, Paul Morris & Susanna Paasonen, GLQ: A Journal Of Lesbian And Gay Studies (2014)

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