I’m sure this post is going to get me in trouble with people of fuzz. Is it even fair to call some dude (?) in a baggy zip-up bear suit a furry, when some of those people put hundreds of hours or thousands of dollars worth of craft labor into their elaborate fursuits? Is it even fur, when it’s plush? Is there a whole other “plushy” community? Do plushies and furries fight, or are they best friends? Is that costume even supposed to represent a bear? Maybe it’s a dog, which would make this a visual “doggy-style” pun? There’s so much I do not know!

pretty blonde with a big smile getting fucked from behind by somebody in a furry bear suit or maybe a dog suit

The only thing I do know, maybe, if I can trust the metadata in the filename, is that the photo is by Matthew Cooke. I’d love to know who the big-mouthed blonde is. She’s into it, or pretending very well!

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