1950s wallet porn blowjob for a man hidden behind a curtain

I’m sorry this image is so small and degraded, but the scan I have is the scan I have. I think it actually says a lot about the circumstances of its production. The man whose dick our heroine is sucking here is perhaps not literally shy; he’s likely standing on a chair behind that curtain because he doesn’t want to appear in the photo. Which means this particular porn artifact was produced long enough ago that hard core porn production was actively illegal, and you could go to jail for it. The men who made the porn, obviously, were perforce less concerned about the legal welfare of their models, but their own precious face in the porn? No way!

This is an example of what I think of as “wallet porn” — guys would sometimes collect them like postcards, but often they would just buy a single photo from that dubious newsstand or the funky bookstore you could find in larger cities. They’d often then carry them around in their wallets, which was handy for “reference” during quiet private moments. The die-cut scalloped (deckled) edge was popular in the 1950s (ish) which fits for a time period when society was pretty hostile to pornographers.

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