clanky gynoid sexbot

There are two highly separate developmental tracks, I think, that advance in parallel as we all wait for the sexbots of the future. Highly-functional gynoid sex toys are coming, so to speak; of this there can be no doubt. It’s just a matter of time and development. A sufficient sexbot will combine visual attractiveness, pleasantly tactile materials, and enough complicated robotics, backed up by algorithmic competence, to operate the “pleasure interfaces”. (Yeah, that’s mostly a fancy way of saying “holes”. Sorry not sorry.)

coin-op handjob machine

Right now, the components of a sexbot comprise two separate market categories. There are sex dolls, which mostly don’t move, and which feature (again, mostly) what we might call “dumb holes” — not much animatronics, not much action, not really all that advanced from rubber dolls of the distant past. In the sex doll business, most innovation seems to be in durability and appearance and materials and in cost-cutting and in improving realism while avoiding the uncanny valley.

sexbot blowjob

Meanwhile, the other track of developmental innovation is the sex toy category usually (but not very attractively) called “male masturbators”. Artificial vaginas, if you’re feeling clinical; pocket pussies, if you’re selling rubber toys in the back of a 1980s porn magazine. For too long, they were not so very different from the relevant amenity you might find in a sex doll, just trimmed down to “that portion that appeals to man’s depravity”, as the poets say.

simple sleeve masturbator with two buttons

I suppose I should confess that I am not genuinely an expert in the most hypermodern and futuristic sex toys on the market in 2022. I never abandoned the editorial stance that ErosBlog adopted in 2002, which was in turn patterned after the print magazines of the time: I am willing to accept review merchandise that’s sent to me, but I don’t promise to actually publish a review unless the merch is interesting and strikes me as good. Long ago, sex toy manufacturers began to expect (and then to demand) more assurances than that; and thus ErosBlog stopped getting review materials.

male masturbator with lots of buttons and flashy lights

With that disclaimer, I am free to say that I think the male masturbator category has enjoyed a recent ferment of development that strikes me as almost futuristic. Plenty of already on-the-market sex toys (like the Leten 708 3RD Masturbator for example) ship with functions that would have seemed like purest science fiction, even just a few years ago. Features like electric warming, pre-programmed erotic audio tracks that moan at you via Bluetooth, and wireless charging, are all pretty amazing.

leten male masturbator

It’s my expectation that sometime soon, these parallel developmental tracks will converge, as sex dolls become something more like fully-functional gynoid sexbots, complete with total-body animatronic motion and mechanically-complex “pleasure interfaces” that exceed the sophistication and pleasure of today’s most advanced hand-held sex toys. We’re not there yet, but it’s not far off.

cowgirl sexbot

Image credits, top to bottom: The clanky gynoid sexbot is by the artist Double Deck. The coin-operated handjob machine is by Tatsuro Karma. The fembot giving a blowjob is from Studio FOW. The simple sleeve masturbator with a couple of buttons is by Yoban. The fancy masturbator sleeve with many LED lights, buttons, and indicators, being deployed by an intent busty woman, is by Butcha-u. And the gynoid-on-top sex animation is by Sumiran.

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