Dee Siren nude in a field

There’s a scene in The Princess Bride where the Dread Pirate Roberts has just bested Fezzic the giant in hand-to-hand combat. He tells the unconscious Fezzik “Sleep well, and dream of large women.” As if we don’t all have those dreams?

Lexie looks happy to see you

One of the things I really like about having been (at least tangentially) in the porn business for a couple of decades now is all the ways it has gotten better, or at least somewhat less toxic. Porn stars were all super-skinny once, or they were very large women indeed, described by offensive keywords not fit to print in this space, and treated as hyper-niche fetish material.

Lorna Blu sticks her thick booty out

Progress, however, does happen. Nowadays there’s a considerable array of different body types we can see in porn, and we also have words like “thick” (or “thicc”) that can be, and routinely are, used to describe bigger-than-cocaine-chic bodies with unfettered admiration. It’s hard to explain how refreshing that is, or how utterly absent from our discourses about beauty such words used to be.

Arianna Sinn sits seductively

It’s good to live in a time when nude thick women like the ones in this post are as easy to find online as any other body type. I’m not saying the porn industry is uniformly kind to models who diverge from the petite old-school norms, because I’m sure that’s not true. But using words of admiration to categorize them on a porn site is a huge improvement from the days when the only available keywords and descriptors were deliberately judgmental and offensive.

Sexy Syntia on the kitchen table

Here on ErosBlog I have something of a knee-jerk reaction that usually prevents me from lumping women (porn models or not) into subjective keyword categories. If, as here, I take a set of images from a site that describes them all as “thick”, that’s one thing; but doing it myself feels like an objectification too far. I won’t look at a photo of a darker-skinned woman and try to ascribe to her an ethnicity or racial category based on her appearance, either, although I may well transcribe and report such categorizations that others have attempted. It’s just not a job I’m good at, or comfortable attempting. But more importantly, it’s not a job that ever feels very important to me. I suppose you might say that I prefer to enjoy female beauty without feeling the need to box it up and lump it into a category.

Zafiro Herrera shows off her fine bodacious booty

Models in the photos, from top to bottom, are: Dee Siren, Lexie, Lorna Blu, Arianna Sinn, Syntia, and Zafiro Herrera.

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