Edifying Spectacle offers a fitting tribute to “sexploitation” director Russ Meyer. I imagine the forever-frigid feminists would happily affix that adjective to his work, but as the author of the tribute points out, Meyer’s work celebrated American pop culture in a singular way. Here’s an excerpt from Richard’s tribute:

Incompetently I wish to do honor to one of Americaís masters of erotica. To hell with philosophers, economists, editorial writers: isnít enlivening the erotic life nobler and more valuable than the vaporizings of the classes that think themselves thoughtful and useful?

And, a wonderful image of Kitten Natividad, star of Beneath the Valley of the Ultravixens:

Kitten Natividad

I doubt I’m the only one with an urge to go make tons of popcorn for a Meyer filmfest tonight …