Perhaps if you were very good (or very naughty, but in a good way) you found a video iPod in your stocking yesterday morning. Lucky you! It’s a nifty toy.

However, in that case you’ll looking for “stuff” to watch on it, so I wanted to remind you of some of the porn resources for the video iPod that I’ve stumbled over in recent weeks. I did a long post about using GUBA to find iPod porn, plus I’ve mentioned (here and here) that two of the kinky sites I sometimes promote have started putting iPod-ready video content in their members areas.

A few more sites where iPod porn is now available to members:

Sex And Submission: (Real bondage sex)

Whipped Ass: (Female/female spanking and domination)

Fucking Machines: (Heavily modified power “tools”)

Men In Pain: (Female domination of men)

Water Bondage: (Just what it sounds like)

Ultimate Surrender: (Nude girls wrestle; winner dominates loser)

Fair warning: Most of these sites have just begun offering their movie clips in iPod format, and they haven’t (yet) converted their archives. So you won’t find hundreds of iPod-ready movies, just the ones from recent updates.

If all these sites are just too kinky for you, I can’t recommend the GUBA option highly enough. If you can’t find the fucking-and-sucking of your choice on a newsgroup like alt. binaries. multimedia. erotica or alt. binaries. multimedia. erotica. amateur, you’re beyond my help. I did spend some time checking out some other major porn producers, but the ones known to me to be decent outfits (who make a quality product and have websites and business practices that won’t jerk you around) mostly haven’t jumped on the iPod bandwagon yet. Don’t worry, I’m sure they have New Years resolutions to get right on it for you.