From much the same era, or perhaps a bit earlier, in which Chairman Mao was trying to swap away ten million women, we have American Airlines grousing about people stealing its friendly stewardesses. The following was captioned “People keep stealing our stewardesses.”

stewardess being kidnapped

And the explanation:

Within two years, most of our stewardesses will leave us for other men.

This isn’t surprising.

A girl who can smile for 5 and a half hours is hard to find.

Not to mention a wife who can remember what 124 people want for dinner.

(And tell you all about meteorology and jets, if that’s what you’re looking for in a woman.)

But these are not the things that brought on our problem.

It’s the kind of girl we hire. Being beautiful just isn’t enough.

(We don’t mean it isn’t important. We just mean it isn’t enough.)

So if there’s one thing we look for, it’s girls who like people. And you can’t do that and then tell them not to like people too much.

All you can do is put a new wing on your stewardess college to keep up with demand.

American Airlines

From Vintage Ads.