Sorry, no “dirty” pictures here, just a rant from a girl that’s tired of all this intellectual property crap. Scroll down on the homepage if that’s what you want, and I’ll take my rant into the back room so it doesn’t clutter up Bacchus’s more delightful content.
I just found the website of an artist that I knew of from a great political painting. He’s done alot of equally great paintings that have sexual themes, and I wanted to share one here. But then I read the fine print, which sez: “All images contained herein are the property of (idiot artist du jour). Any further reproduction or redistribution of the contents of this site is a violation of Copyright Law and will result in severe civil and criminal penalties, unless prior authorization has been obtained in writing from (idiot artist du jour).”

It used to be that I would ignore stuff like that, especially if I really liked the work, because I figured any artist would like getting more attention. Seeing people getting sued for ignoring the fine print has me more cautious…….but what changed my mind is the controlling attitude these artists have. You can’t control pixels once they’re published, and only stupid people or corporate clowns try to anymore. They become their worst enemies by trying to control exposure. That limits it too, because they can’t know or predict every area where their work might be enjoyed. And once you’re known as a controlling type, you aren’t easily forgiven……just ask Metallica about that. The artist at the site I just visited sells his paintings…….too bad he won’t get any attention from here, I bet some ErosBlog readers would be interested in them.

Now when I find something really cool, before I look around the site alot I check for a sharing policy. If I find something like the one I copied above, I’m outta there, no exploring, no bookmark, and no word from me anywhere, to anyone. I’ve decided if they want to treat their treasures like some dirty secret, I’ll go along with that because it helps them die faster. I’d much rather help artists who understand the shifts in information tech and making money in new ways from their work.

It’s really sad to think of the neat art out there that will not get any recognition because it’s treated worse than “dirty pictures” used to be, though.

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