Casting about for something that will improve their ratings on this weekend’s Science Saturday diavlog, eminent science journalists John Horgan and George Johnson hit on the bright idea of talking about “sex chips,” neural implants that improve orgasm. And from there, they wandered into all sorts of peculiar sex-and-science related topics. Naturally, having once written an ErosBlog post on this theme I couldn’t resist giving a listen. I must confess that what follows is surely eleven of the most hilarious minutes ever to be recorded on Science Saturday.

And before I hear you all grumble “Faustus, you setting the bar for comedy far too low here,” I suggest you watch it for yourselves:

(Note: The linking-and-embedding system has a clip length limit, so the clip above is only the first eight of the recommended eleven minutes. You’ll be invited to finish viewing on a remote website if you watch all the way through the embedded clip, or you can navigate this link now.)

I don’t think I can add much more, except that the book John and George are referencing is Mary Roach’s Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex, and also that when George makes a comment to the effect that “they’d better encrypt that remote,” I can only observe that the erotic artist was there first:

panels from Milo Manara\'s comic Click

Heh. Now you have to watch it.