Browsing yesterday evening through Pete Tombs’s Mondo Macabro: Weird & Wonderful Cinema Around The World I came across across a full-color plate of a familiar image. Yep, it was the racy Batgirl which Bacchus had recently posted here at ErosBlog. Apparently she’s part of a promotional poster for a Turkish movie called Uçan Kiz:

Batgirl nude on Turkish movie poster

From Tombs we can take the information that Turkish movie-makers were unusually aggressive in their borrowings from American popular culture: Tombs provides information on a Turkish version of Star Wars, a monster movie that includes among its characters a “Kaptan Kirk” and a “Mr Spak,” and something else which he describes as “a mildly kinky version of Bewitched.” Sounds like fun!

But browsing further, I was intrigued to discover a promotional poster for a Mexican Batgirl as well. The image is not as exciting as what Bacchus found, but is still I hope not devoid of interest:

Mexican bat girl

More evidence, as if more is really needed, that some ideas have universal appeal.