I have friends in academia who consider New Scientist the best of the popular science magazines, and I’ll admit, the magazine seems to do some very professional science writing. This is the first bit of popular journalism I’ve seen that treats the subject of female ejaculation as a matter of scientific interest, rather than as a sexual curiosity to be tittered at, or, worse, denied outright. (So common is this inevitably male denial that almost every time the subject has come up at ErosBlog, some guy has failed to get an “it’s just pee” comment through moderation, that assertion being a tidbit of sexual ignorance so profound that I’ve decided I won’t be a party to spreading it, even as a mere publisher.)

The New Scientist article is not perfect, but it’s the first thing I’ve read on the subject in years that successfully conveys all that remains unknown about female ejaculation (lots and lots) without surrendering unto ignorance that which is known, by scientists or by anybody with first-hand experience and a functioning set of senses.

From the article, two paragraphs about the historical pedigree of the discussion:

Many historical texts, such as the Kama Sutra, spoke about female “semen”, as did writers, including the Greek physician Hippocrates. Sometimes the writers may have been referring to everyday vaginal secretions, which increase during sexual arousal. However, there are several references to something more akin to ejaculation. In the 17th century, the Dutch physician and anatomist Regnier De Graaf spoke of “liquid as usually comes from the pudenda in one gush”.

In the last century, Ernst Gr√§fenberg, the German doctor who gave his name to the controversial G spot, drew attention to female ejaculation in a 1950 paper published in The International Journal of Sexology. “This convulsory expulsion of fluids occurs always at the acme of orgasm and simultaneously with it,” he wrote. “Occasionally the production of fluids is so profuse that a large towel has to be spread under the woman to prevent the bed sheets getting soiled.”

Link credit: Sexoteric.

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