Smarter people than me have written on numerous occasions about the way that regular blogging seems to generate personal and professional benefits, often ones that you wouldn’t have predicted. I know people who have, as a consequence of their blogging, experienced unexpected and unlooked-for positive consequences: finding True Love, making new friends in exotic places, receiving offers of easy sex, getting book deals, getting on TV, and perhaps most commonly of all, getting excellent jobs.

A life coach might explain this by calling it the benefit of “putting yourself out there.” In Biblical terms, it’s casting your bread upon the waters. Hugh MacLeod calls it developing your global microbrand. Whatever. It’s a real thing. It happens.

Most recent case in point: Longtime blogger and link-friend of ErosBlog Daniel Radosh just got what’s got to be one of the coolest jobs in America, after being discovered via his blog writing:

For the entire seven years that I’ve been writing this blog I have been a freelancer, working mostly out of my home. That gave me not only the opportunity for blogging, but also the motive. I’d read something in the news, have something terribly clever and interesting to say about it, and nobody around to say it to.

About three months ago, I banged out one of those observations in the form of a dialogue with Michael Steele about gay marriage. Shortly after that I got an e-mail from someone at The Daily Show saying they liked it and would I consider applying for an open writing position. Fast-forward through several rounds of hoop-jumping to last week when I was officially offered, and accepted, the position. I start next month.