Every time I look at an Explicite Art gallery for you people (I know, rough job but somebody’s gotta do it), I’m in awe of the explicit high res erotic photography they make available. Take a picture like this, which is on the soft-core end of their line-up:

angell showering

It’s so stunning in the original, that it’s painful to have have to crop and reduce it down to something that fits into my WordPress template. Hell, sometimes if I have too many windows open I don’t even have enough memory for my clipboard cut-and-paste operation into my graphics program to complete, these pictures are so huge and high resolution. I feel like a vandal, cropping and resizing them into a 320-pixel size.

But if I didn’t, all you’d see of Angell in the shower (above) would be her Cupid tummy piercing:

angell\'s cupid piercing

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