Ever wonder what one of those hella-expensive electrified dildos feels like going in, the ones with the two different conductive surfaces on each side and the fancy electronic control box that lets the user (or the person with the controller, not necessarily the same person) vary the joltage?

Well, it would be an expensive experiment; electrosex gear doesn’t come cheap. But as part of my ongoing fascination with facial expressions, I was rathah amused by this “cheerleader punishment” video from Wired Pussy:

wired pussy electrosex movie

The plot summary — and it’s worth noting here that Kink.com has never been very good at hiring anybody who can write a sensitive and sexy prose description of one of their smokin’ hot scenes — is said to be this: “Coach Madeline likes to take a hands on approach with her cheerleading team so when Chloe starts slacking off on practice Madeline corners her in the locker room to whoop her back into shape. Hot lesbian BDSM roleplay with electro action.”

Urk. The movie, even though it’s just a jumped up 2-minute teaser, is better than that description makes it sound, trust me.

So anyway, the part that got my attention was about 20 seconds in. Mistress Madeline pulls out a PES Samurai curved electric dildo and starts giving Chloe the electrified business. And my oh my, does Chloe feel it:

the face of a woman with an electrified dildo up her pussy

shocked face of a woman with an electric probe up her pussy

pain and outrage of a woman with a hot electrified pussy dildo in her

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