Of all the things I never thought I’d be posting on ErosBlog, lipstick reviews are right up there. But MelbourneHumanFemale’s review of a specific black lipstick includes both a black lipstick mini-manifesto for grownups (amusing) and a pair of pretty pictures. How could I resist?

A quick manifesto on black lipstick: It’s time for it to come back. Wretch it out of the hands of babybats at Flinders Street station. It can be used as a high fashion colour if that’s your thing, or as gothy/punk wonderfulness as long as you do it right. Keep your other makeup either muted or bright and colourful. No matching it with heavily-blackened eyelids. No drawing spiderwebs on your face.

Black is dramatic. Use it wisely. Wear it confidently. Think 1920s and Haute Macabre couture, don’t think 14-year-old using her $2 eyeliner.

black lipstick

During the day I also like to wear it blotted with some gloss, for an almost gunmetal grey colour:

black lipstick

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