So I just got done reading the latest hilarious rant from the latest sex-toy-reviewing blogger to publicly get fed up and acknowledge that sucks. These rants are becoming a sort of sex-blogging literary sub-genre, with an astonishing degree of passion, detail, and variety. This one is Glitter Puke: Why I left EdenFantasys. Two paragraphs in particular caught my eye; the first involves how they handle a reviewer’s materials preferences:

Then, I started looking for toys to review. EFs review program, in theory, would work great, as your rank in the community (based on activity and other users’ ranking of your reviews) would determine what price range of toys you could request. I started to get irritated, however, when I noticed stuff made of fucking jelly rubber and cyberskin bullshit show up in my search results even after I had it blacklisted in my material preferences. What the fuck, EF? Do you think I just won’t notice? Given that the material and cleaning of the toy is an entire section of the review, what the everloving hell do you want me to say? “THIS IS GREAT EXCEPT YOU HAVE TO USE IT WITH A CONDOM OR IT’LL FUCK YOUR SHIT UP HERPADERP.”

And then there was this, which gave me a rare and genuine loud LOL:

Now, several people before me have made thoughtful, in-depth, highly pissed-off posts about the site and its unethical business practices, as well as how it treats its staff and contributors. Since they’ve taken care of that part for me, I’m going to dig into my other problem with these people: the fact that whoever started this place COULDN’T FUCKING SPELL. SERIOUSLY, IT’S BASIC FUCKING GRAMMAR. I-E-S, IS IT THAT GODDAMN HARD?

I swear, it’s given me physical pain every time I’ve had to type that URL. Preach it, sister!

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