When I made this sexercise bike post, I knew it was reminding me of something. This morning, I finally remembered what it was: this 2008 Wired Pussy photoshoot starring Ariel X being “forced” to exercise. Here Ariel is just beginning the exercise bike portion of the workout:

bondage exercise bike

Her personal trainer, sadly, is not satisfied with her efforts. And being both a sadist and extremely personal, methods not available on The Biggest Loser quickly come into play. Methods involving electrodes placed in intensely personal orifices, wired to a fiendish device:

electrodes in her pussy and anus to encourage her exercise routine

Soon, Ariel is exhausted, and stops peddling despite the electrical inducements. Here she is just sort of sweating and twitching:

Ariel X is exhausted and dripping in sweat after a forced ride on an exercise bike

Well, that just won’t do. Her trainer quickly pulls out a more vigorous inducement: the cattle prod!

cattle prod to the butt encourages an exhausted Ariel X to start peddling again

And she’s back to work! Nothing in life comes easy, m’dear…

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