I have issues with the usual assumptions about “violent” porn. There’s a lot of rapey porn out there, in which the sex is rough and (in a fictional narrative sense) non-consensual. The common unexamined assumption is that porn like this is by men and for men; women viewers aren’t anticipated, and such women who do happen to view it are expected to be disinterested, repulsed, angered, or worse.

That’s never made a lot of sense to me, because it’s a truism that both men and women are often known to enjoy a good rape fantasy. In the usual narrative, the men who enjoy rape fantasy are just rape-minded pigs who haven’t been caught and arrested yet, and the women? The usual narrative tries to pretend they don’t exist, despite magnificent piles of evidence that they do. (Here I gently gesture at the existence of an entire subgenre of literature for women that gets referred to by the phrase “bodice ripper”.)

This dynamic was demonstrated in microcosm when I blogged here about a sex comic featuring a woman surprised in her shower by a scary hooded bondage rapist with a huge erection. Although I acknowledged in the post that this was an equal-opportunity fantasy that some women would enjoy, I nonetheless concluded that the scenario probably fell into the “unwelcome surprises while showering” category.

It was just a snarky little throwaway post and it attracted precisely one comment, from a regular ErosBlog commenter with a female pseudonym: “I know I wouldn’t mind one bit…” The implication being that my disclaimer was over-cautious, as least as to the one reader whose attention was engaged to the point of feeling moved to comment.

I was reminded of all this when I saw a recent locker room “surprised in the shower” photo shoot called “Take One For The Team” from Sex and Submission. Despite being in a genre of porn that’s typically assumed to be by-and-for men, the actual scenario struck me as likely to have broader appeal, especially during the substantial portion of the photoshoot before they broke out the usual ropes-and-gags that defines the Sex And Submission porn niche.

It all begins so innocently. Model Nikki Blue (yes, the infamously-marketed recently-sort-of-virginal one) is teasing the hunky men in the locker room after a coed soccer game:

Nikki Blue showing her cute butt to a couple of hunky jocks

Then she traipses off to take a shower, alone:

Nikki Blue undressing in the big communal gym shower

Splish, splash, takin’ a bath, Saturday night, all that soapy jazz:

Nikki Blue showering at the gym

And then, suddenly, ninjas appear!

No, wait, that’s a different movie.

Not ninjas, no, but overmuscled jocks, jocks with sex on their mind. (The one they share between them?) Ms. Blue summons an appropriately melodramatic expression for our viewing pleasure:

ZOMG! Men! The men I was just teasing! Oh, noes!

Of course they grab her and throw her to her knees. This is actually a fairly lengthy and drawn-out process, with much roughhousing and grabbing and hair-pulling and slapping and insincere struggling; the shower scene in the photoshoot has almost 70 photos in total, of which maybe nine are between that last one and this one:

Nikki Blue on her knees during a jock-ular conversation about her imminent sexual fate

For some reason I find that last photo utterly hilarious. Intentional or not, it makes fun of jocks in a huge way. These two beefy dudes have invaded a girl’s shower, scared her, grabbed her, thrown her to her knees, and now they are holding her by the hair on the back of her head while they, what, have a jovial conversation in which they try to figure out what to do with her?

Try to keep up with the program, jock dudes! The porn logic has already passed your conversation by. Everybody (except you) already knows she’s going to suck your dicks now, while displaying varying (but mostly declining) amounts of faux reluctance. Stop delaying the game!

So, of course, she does. And then they move out into the locker room, for a couple of scenes in the more-typical-for-this-site ropes-and-gags genre:

Nikki Blue in locker room bondage

So, do I have a point? Nah. I just wanted to show you Nikki’s excellent “surprised in the shower” face, and then I got to blathering even worse than Jockface #1 and Jockface #2, above.

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