All my life I’ve been seeing imagery (from the 1920s, mostly) of the “cigarette girl” — a service worker dressed in a sexy dance hall outfit, carrying a tray of smokes for sale to patrons in theater lobbies, night clubs, casinos, speakeasies, and similar dens of iniquity. It’s not very common any more, though I did see a genuine (and stunningly dressed) cigarette girl once in the Harrah’s casino in New Orleans.

Smoking and its accompanying social institutions is (thank goodness!) on the decline these days, but it will remain a fetish for some, long after it’s as rare as the genuine latex rubber swimming cap. Case in point: these photos from the November 2010 Taboo magazine, in which a cigarette girl is leashed, gagged, and invited to sample her own product:

cigarette girl on a leash

cigarette girl forced to smoke half a pack of smokes all at once

gagged cigarette girl smoking

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