Here’s Lidia-Anain on Giving Him The Foreplay He Needs:

During that session of lovemaking, I realized how much he needed, wanted and loved foreplay! *It* wasn’t that great always between us when we got into bed but *it* was great on this day. A few minutes of foreplay had gotten him very excited and so in control that he was able to hold back just until he knew that I was coming and he let go!

After we both had amazing orgasms, I had an epiphany – the sex that followed me giving him foreplay had ALWAYS been better than when he didn’t get it.

Instead of assuming that my hypothesis was true I asked him. I asked him if he enjoyed sex more after me providing him with foreplay. His answer was a resounding yes. He said that foreplay helped him relax, get into it, attain more control of his orgasm and that it built him up for some very powerful orgasms. He told me that he loved the extra attention because it made him feel wanted but that as a man he didn’t always want to seem needy. He didn’t always need foreplay but when it was given he felt like we were more connected sensually.

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