What do horse riding, archery, and foreplay with your wife have in common? According to Sexual Etiquette in Islam, they are the only three non-futile games:

Islam greatly stresses the importance of foreplay, as indicated by the traditions below.

It is narrated from the Prophet (s): “Do not engage in sexual intercourse with your wife like hens; rather, firstly engage in foreplay with your wife and flirt with her and then make love to her.”[41]

It is also narrated from the Prophet (s): “All play and games are futile except for three: Horse riding, archery and foreplay with your wife, and these three are correct.”[42]

It is narrated from Imām ‘AlÄ« (as): “Whoever wants to get close to his wife must not be hasty, because women before engaging in the act of love making must be engaged in foreplay so that they are ready for making love to.”[43]

It is narrated from Imām as-Sādiq (as): “The Angels of Allāh and those who are witnesses over all the actions of man are watching them in every state except at the time of horse riding competitions and the time that a man engages in foreplay with his wife before engaging in sexual intercourse.”[44]

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