This story makes me shake my head:

At one point the subject turned to sex and the difference between making love and fucking, and gentle and rough sex.

Mr. Suit was quite opinionated and said he thought that only whores liked rough sex.

After noticing that I had been kind of quiet for a bit he turned to me, put his hand on my leg, and asked me what was wrong.

As I gently but firmly removed his hand, I told him “ummmm, nothing’s really wrong, I just think that you spent a lot of money tonight taking a whore out to dinner, and she’s not gonna fuck you.”

The obvious part is, dude shot himself down by being fetish-negative and judgmental about rough sex before he took the elementary precaution of finding out how his dinner companion felt about it. Stupid!

Hardly the first time, though, that a man’s arrogant assumptions cost him in lost nookie opportunities.

But in my book, he committed double-extra-stupidity by using “whore” pejoratively. It’s one of those words — like “cunt” when it’s used as an insult — the utterance of which implies a huge package of the speaker’s bad attitudes toward women in general. Definitely not a word to trot out when you’re wining-and-dining!

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