One of the things about having ten years of sex blogging under my belt is that it’s sometimes dismaying to think of all those posts buried in the archives. Momentary amusements, the most of ’em; but still functional in that role, especially to folks who weren’t all here back then. So, looking for ways to make it easier to dip into the archives is always on my list.

To that end, I’ve decided to steal a nifty idea that other bloggers have used. I’m calling it The Dice Of Adventure. (You might prefer to think of them as The Dice Of Ennui. If so, please keep that to yourself.)

Here’s how it works. Below (and in the upper left sidebar) you’ll see some dice. If you click them, you’ll be taken to one of the 3656 (and counting) posts in the ErosBlog archive. Don’t like where you land? Click again! Entire working days could be consumed by this behavior, if your procrastination mojo is healthy and strong.

It’s the journey that never ends. Buh-bye now!