From Dirtbag John Milton:

Eve: do you want to make out
Satan: what
Eve: not to brag or anything but i’ve been told i’m pretty hot
so do you want to make out
Satan: don’t you have a husband
Eve: probably
i mean i have a lot of things
but i don’t have one here
in this orchard
i don’t have an orchard husband
do you want to make out or what
Satan: yeah okay

“I don’t have an orchard husband…” I do find this quite funny, and so I suppose the gender-traditional reaction would be for me as a man to yuk this up with wry bitterness as an illustration of the faithlessness of women. But my perspective is otherwise: I think we all, men and women alike, recognize that moment when our impulse (whether or not we act on it) is to look swiftly around the orchard and then answer “er, nope?”

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