Since I didn’t ever watch Friends back in the day, I really didn’t know who Julia Louis-Dreyfus even was until a fake-nude of her turned up (doubly-mislabeled) during the great frenzy to find nude photos of Sarah Palin after Palin became John McCain’s running mate back in 2008. But Louis-Dreyfus is indisputably a pretty big celebrity. And now she’s been banned from FaceBook for posting her own baby picture. In her own words:

BAN BAN BAN! No, no, no, insensitive material, inappropriate, blah, bla-bla blah blah, and I’m like “what?” And I keep trying to get in, change my password, absolutely not, they think I’m some sort of pervert, posting baby pictures, naked baby pictures. It’s me!

Here she’s telling David Letterman all about it. The baby picture is in the clip, but I’m gonna let Worldwide Pants and YouTube do the heavy lifting of showing it to you, they’ve got a lot more lawyers than I do:

I tell you what, if the #pornocalypse can sweep up Julia Louis-Dreyfus, there ain’t nobody safe. Automatic censorship by stupid robots, I tell you it’s the wave of the future!

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