For reasons that have never been convincingly pinned down to my satisfaction, there’s a substantial imbalance in the gender distribution of dominance and submission among kinky people. As a boy, I imagined that no women would be game for some of the male-dominant, female-submissive fantasies I had. I was so wrong. Subsequently my experiences have convinced me there are actually slightly more submissive-interested women out there than there are dominant men for them, although the imbalance isn’t overwhelming. But the other way around? Dominant women willing to dominate submissive men? There aren’t near as many of those as there are submissive-interested men, which is why the dominatrix trade thrives in every city, and in many a large town too.

I’ve never seen a convincing exposition of why such a strong disparity exists, although it’s not hard to find gender-essentialist claptrap essays full of “men are naturally this” and “women are naturally that” and “nobody is willing to buck the current of evolution unless you pay them” twaddle. But that the disparity does exist, I have no doubt. And it creates demand of the sort this page of resources for finding a mistress or dominatrix is designed to help satisfy:

find a dominant mistress

For your interest, the striking (ha!) woman in red at the top of the page is Susan Wayland, and the photo was taken by Milosh Obilic. Wayland’s official gallery features her in several other stunning fetishwear outfits.

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