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Ken Melvoin-Berg at Sunny Megatron has written an anal gaping explainer: Anal Gaping For The Masses. In case you were wondering what and why:

Gaping is popular enough to be its own category on many porn sites. This feat of rectal legerdemain can best be summed up as simply fooling your inner sphincter to thinking it is full and needs to take a dump. That feeling, however, also needs to be accompanied by sexual arousal, extended foreplay, orgasms aplenty, and extreme relaxation.

While researching anal gaping the first thing I really wanted to know was, why do people desire a gape instead of a closed, tight sphincter? I found quite a few answers but the underlying causes stemmed from four things: the stroking of the male ego, comfort in inserting large objects, the desire to please, and submission.

Ego: Simply put, you can make a man feel mighty by feeding his ego. One way to achieve this feeling of greatness is by gazing down at a gaping rectum after pounding it for a while and seeing the sphincter wide open. This makes you feel like you’re a raging barbarian with a massive thunder cock.

The article further includes an interview with “anal superstar and anal gaping princess” Casey Calvert, who, as you might expect, is billed as “sort of an expert” on anal gaping. And it wraps up with an “Eight Easy Steps For Anal Gaping” checklist. Everything you always wanted to know, and possibly even more!

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